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Still hiring humans? Switch to — the AI-driven voice assistant that transforms small business operations!


Set up your virtual secretary in less than 5 minutes and supercharge your customer service around the clock.


Creating your first AI phone assistant with is incredibly straightforward and quick. The bot can be effortlessly trained using the 'RAG' function. Simply upload your website’s text content or a real phone conversation as a 'source of knowledge' in formats like .txt, .doc, or .pdf, and watch it get smarter in no time!


The voice bot can be installed on your website in just a few steps through a WordPress plugin or integrated with third-party applications via Zapier and APIs.


We are eager to hear your feedback to fine-tune our bot and free humans from mundane tasks. Let's revolutionize together!


With, you can build an AI calling bot for:


- Cold calling, acting as a sales agent

- Providing customer care service

- FAQ answering service by phone

- Providing consultancy by phone




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