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Avatarly is an ios app to generate magic and realistic avatars with artificial intelligence. With one face photo uploaded, you can get a collection of high-quality avatars. We generate all avatarly randomly and don't ask you to choose from the specific template or presets. You never know what you will look like before the image is generated. You can explore new looks to express your emotions and styles with endless creativity.

Key Features of Avatarly:

🖼️ Harness the power of AI to craft unique and fresh avatars.
🎩 Upload one image and get a pack of high-quality avatars.
🚀 Automatically turns your face photo into diverse of AI avatars.
🔧 Delve into a vast library of AI-crafted avatars.
📦 Get an instant preview of your new potential profile pics.
🐻 Swift avatar creation — optimize your time by 10x.
🍭 Choose a gender preference to tailor your avatar's style.
💎 High-quality output is guaranteed. No watermarks on the final looks.
🔊 Snap a quick face photo using your phone for immediate avatar generation.
👍 All images are generated by AI randomly — perfect for both personal & commercial use.

How Avatarly is Different from Other AI Image Generators

Randomized Avatar Generation: Our avatar creation process is entirely random, eliminating the need for you to select a specific style or template. We guarantee the uniqueness of each generated avatar to prevent duplication.

Single Photo Requirement: Unlike some tools that may request multiple images from various angles, we only need one clear facial image from you.

12 Distinct Styles Every Time: Once you've uploaded your photo, we generate 12 distinct avatars, each with a unique style. You can download all of them without any restrictions.

Infinite Creativity with Re-Creation Feature: If you're dissatisfied with any of the previous results, simply click "Generate Again" to receive new avatars within seconds. This action can be repeated as many times as needed, ensuring you obtain the best avatars.

How to Generate Avatar with Avatarly
1️⃣ Download and install Avatarly from the App Store.
2️⃣ Open the app and add your photo with only one face.
3️⃣ Select gender and turn your real photo into multiple AI avatars.
4️⃣ Preview and save your new profile photos for fun.


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