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Peech – Text to Speech Reader

Peech is a powerful Text-to-Speech tool that effortlessly transforms text into incredibly realistic AI-generated audio in over 50 languages. 

Peech, an iOS app established in 2021, has garnered trust from over 1 million users. You can use the service to increase your productivity while studying, speed up your work tasks or listen to your favourite books. 

The main Features: 

  1. Text-to-Audio Conversion: Transform any text, including articles, texts, PDFs, or ebooks, into realistic human voice powered by AI.
  2. Scanning Feature: Easily convert physical documents into audio by capturing an image of the document using the Scanning feature. Supports image selection from the library.
  3. File Format Support: Import documents in various formats such as epub, docx, pdf, or rtf directly from your device.
  4. Plain Text Import: Option to import plain text for conversion into audio.
  5. Listen to Your Favourite Media. Peech has a feature where you can explore a curated collection of articles from reputable sources like Medium, The Guardian, Bloomberg, BBC, The Washington Post, and HBR. Featuring over 30 diverse categories, from Parenthood to Financial Markets, Peech leverages AI to customize the user experience. Users can fine-tune their content feed by visiting settings and selecting categories that align precisely with their interests.

Peach is currently available as an iOS app and Chrome Extension. Company also works with book publishers and offers quality book voicing at a price 20-100 cheaper than Traditional Production.

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