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Winxvideo AI

Winxvideo AI is a comprehensive tool powered by full GPU Acceleration to help restore and revitalize old and low-quality videos/images, convert 4K videos and audio in any format, record screen activities, compress videos to smaller file size, edit videos with subtitles and effects.

Winxvideo AI features a lightweight interface engineered to simplify every video processing and keep pace with the latest digital trend to give you total control over the new 4K, HEVC, AI techs. It takes the lead in supporting unique level-3 hardware acceleration, dramatically speeding up video transcoding to a new level, with best balance between quality and size. It intelligently analyzes the motion patterns within a video frame by frame. By understanding the predictable patterns of motion in various sports, such as the trajectory of a basketball player's jump shot or the swift turns of a skier, it can anticipate the movements and adjust the camera's position.


Key Features:

1) Upscale low-quality video parameters to HD 1080P, 4K;

2) Increase video playback smoothness with AI frame Interpolation;

3) Stablize shaky videos recorded by camera, drone, mobile, etc;

4) Upscale blurry images, old photos to 4K. Remove image noise;

5) Convert video format, compress video size, edit video footage;

6) Download videos from 1000+ sites, record PC screen/webcam.

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