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Yomu AI is a writing assistant designed for academic writing, which facilitates essay and paper creation. It provides smart document assistance, AI-powered sentence and paragraph autocomplete, text enhancement features like paraphrasing and summarization, and a citation tool with easy citation formatting. 


The platform makes it very easy to add, caption, and reference your figures and tables in your scientific paper. The platform also includes an advanced plagiarism checker to ensure the originality and academic integrity of the user's work. 


Yomu uses Large Language Models (LLMs) fine-tuned specifically for scientific writing. Yomu also emphasizes speed and smoothness so that students and academics can enjoy quick and responsiveness of the website. 


Benefits of using Yomu compared to other AI and non-AI based writing editors include tailored writing commands for your academic needs, built-in formatting of citations in the editor, addition of figures and tables that comply with academic standards, and more features that you can try out on the website. We constantly improve Yomu and build features based on our deep roots in academia and by listening to our users.


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